Widows Sons - Iceni Chapter

We are not a 1% club. We are just a social riding club, which happens to have set one of its membership requirements to include being a Master Mason in good standing. Our name comes from certain aspects of our Fraternity, it is not intended to install fear or appear threatening in any way.

We are not territorial and do not condone illegal activities by our members. All we ask is that our members act in a way that will reflect well on our Association, our Fraternity and motorcycling in general.


Our club badge is the square and compasses, which some of our members wear (as we are entitled to do as Masons) to denote our personal fraternal affiliation. This is not a part of our ‘colours’; it is simply a common custom among members of our Fraternity to wear this symbol.

We strive to be friends and on good terms with ALL other clubs and riders we share the road with. We realize that wearing a badge is a serious matter and wear them appropriately. We understand there are clubs that have been around for many years and we respect that Totally! We realize we are able to enjoy many of our riding freedoms thanks to the many clubs and riders that have been ‘in the wind’ before us. Our badge allows other clubs to know who we are and where we are from. We wear the name of our Chapter simply to identify where we are from not to claim any territory.


In an effort to make sure all clubs understand our purpose we have contacted the NCOM and the COC to make them aware of our existence and our purpose. We ask all our members to wear their badge proudly and to always show respect for all other clubs and riders. We do not take sides or involve ourselves when it comes to
other clubs politics. We do not claim ‘turf’ or territory.



Coborn Lodge, Number 1804


Consecrated in 1879, successfully functioned for most of the succeeding years. Due to the ravages of time and circumstances however, membership of the lodge, which practises End Workings. declined considerably in recent years

Some remaining long term members of Coborn Lodge mentioned  their membership problems to a masonic friend , Martin Cargill (a.k.a. Banger) who in turn discussed the problems of this well established old lodge, with members of Iceni  Chapter of the Widows Sons Motor Bikers Association.  Coborn Lodge went from 5 members to 30 plus attending in 3 meetings.


First 17 Joined, then last Saturday 4 more, plus a candidate, then in June we hope another 4 to join, with another candidate in September. 50 plus for our first Saturday morning meeting, with 50 dining.From Cornwall to Rugby, many thanks to the Widows Sons Masonic Bikers and the others that have saved this old 140 year old lodge.

We meet at Ilford Essex near the A406 we are a Metropolitan lodge, so if you ride a Motorbike and wish to join a friendly Lodge for Motorcyclists then please get in touch.


you can use the contact form on the link at the top of this website.

Recent Ride Out At The National Rally


Sisted Balloon Race

Great ride in was had by nearly 20 riders before the meeting started, plus a really great BBQ in the evening to those that could make it, with members guests and partners, what a great start !

I greet you well Masons and civilians, Sunday ( date needed )  was our annual trip to Stisted Hall for the balloon  race to help raise well needed funds for charity. It started with the erection of our tent which was rapidly going down hill until Grizzly arrived and got things on track and the Iceni bandwagon was well and truly up and running selling tickets.

We took the opportunity to bring Tony, nickname Trouble, into the chapter  by Jimbo with our new ceremony, an explanation of our regalia in excellent form. I am sure Trouble will not live up to his nickname. 

Thanks to the generosity of the people attending and those that bought tickets from Iceni members during the period leading up to the day it was a great success. Thanks to all the members who turned up on their bikes Grizzly, Banger, Jimbo, Clive, Muff, Narinder, Steve and Tony braving the weather and those faint hearted like myself who turned up in a vehicle, some because of necessity bringing the well needed logistics. Thanks to cockle for supplying the gas which Banger seemed to take a liking to gulping it down for a very funny voice change.


It would be unfair to name names as all the Iceni brothers whether there on the day or spent time during the year raised a considerable amount of money. We are thankful to The Provincial Grand master of Essex The R W Brother John Michael Webb and his good lady Diane for taking the time to help release the balloons into the wild. Also a special thanks to Linda and Jenny for their on going support and help, we packed up around 4.40 and said our farewells until next year. I for one had a great time as I am sure did all the Iceni brothers and partners and we are looking forward to another cracker next year. [Reporter Ginger] 


Widows Sons Lay Wreath at the Menim Gate Ypres


Visit to the Sikh Temple Ilford


The brethren arrived in good order on their bikes where they were greeted by members of the Temple and some fellow Sikh bikers along with Narinder and the Temples secretary Mr H Singh who invited the Widows Sons Iceni Chapter to the Temple. We were given head covers to wear throughout our visit. I liked the orange but was given a blue coloured one ,very fetching. We were gathered in the main foyer where the tour began .A Sikh brother took us round the several floors explaining the religion and its origins and very educational it was. I for one learnt a lot about our brother Sikhs. The tour ended with a meal ,completely vegetarian ,  my heart sank but once I had sat down to feast the food was exceptional and it is provided every day not only for fellow Sikhs but for anyone prepared to accept certain rules, basically be nice while you are in the temple to other people, what's not to like. Peter (Grizzly) and myself did a bit of washing up as do all the people who come and eat just to say thanks .

I am sure that all the brethren who attended that day would like to say thank you to all the people who welcomed  the Iceni with open arms.

Please invite us again. [Repoter Ginger] 


Widows sons Iceni Chapter Member

muff 5

Tony Habberley, , were among those presented with Royal Humane Society awards during a ceremony at the force’s headquarters in Welwyn Garden City last Wednesday (February 26).

Officers, other constabulary staff and members of the public gathered for the event, which recognises bravery and long service.

Guest of honour Vice Lord Lieutenant of Hertfordshire Richard Beazley presented the awards.

On Friday, April 12 last year, at around 9.40pm, Tony was driving along Dunmow Road in Stortford and ahead of him was an ambulance on an emergency call.

As the ambulance approached the junction with Brooke Gardens, an articulated lorry, travelling in the opposite direction, swerved across the road, forcing the ambulance driver to swerve and make an emergency stop.

The lorry continued across the road, mounting the pavement and hitting a sign.

Tony stopped and, with the ambulance paramedics, approached the lorry’s cab, where they quickly established that the driver had been taken ill at the wheel.

Tony helped the paramedics to lift out the lorry driver, who had gone into cardiac arrest.

As the paramedics set up their equipment they asked Tony if he would start doing CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), which he did for 20 to 25 minutes.

Eventually the driver was taken to hospital, where he later recovered.